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About our services

WeSpecialty provides support for its clients in all areas of marine insurance, political risk and political violence / terrorism insurance, risk management and the handling of international insurance programmes

Insurance Covers

• Marine Cargo
(industrial goods and commodities)

• War Risks
(industrial goods and commodities)

 Political Violence / Terrorism / Political Risk
mobile or fixed assets (goods or warehouses, production units, plants and machineries, stocks and offices)

Expertise & Consultancy

WeSpecialty offers its clients in-depth expertise in the field of risk auditing and consultancy including:

• An understanding of the challenges facing clients through our in-depth knowledge of their business and their organisation as well as the market environment in which they operate

• The structuring of programmes based on a detailed analysis of loss experience, modelling, reinsurance and captive options, and the reduction of costs through optimum layering

• An exhaustive command in international insurance practices

International manufacturing
and distribution companies

Logistics providers
and carriers

Shipping lines
and charterers

WeSpecialty holds EUR/USD 125 million in capacity underwritten on behalf of "A" range rated insurance companies (Lloyd's Insurance Company S.A., Hiscox, HDI Global Specialty SE, Siat Assicurazioni...).

Lloyd’s Insurance Company S.A. (“Lloyd’s Europe”) is a subsidiary of Lloyd’s and is authorised by the National Bank of Belgium (NBB).

Transfer Part VII Lloyd’s is proposing to transfer certain EEA insurance policies to Lloyd’s Brussels. The proposed transfer will not change terms and conditions of any policy, except that Lloyd’s Brussels will become the insurer and Data Controller in respect of the transferred policies. Further information about the proposal (including whether it could affect your pre-transfer position), which policies are transferring, your rights and what you need to do can be found at

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